Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square was originally built to commemorate the victory of the Battle of Trafalgar. Today, the Square is a popular tourist attraction in central London.

Trafalgar Square is a must see, as a visit to London would be incomplete without marvelling at the huge height of Nelson's column and the 4 huge bronze statues of lions which sit at the base of the column.

trafalgar square two

The square consists of a large pedestrianised area surrounded by roadways on three sides. Trafalgar Square is vast and the central area provides a place to chill out amongst the fountains and statues. To the north of the Square is the National Gallery. The raised balcony of the National Gallery gives fantastic views across the square, and from here you can see the 2 huge fountains, Nelson's column, King George's statue and the recent 4th Plinth of Nelson's ship in a bottle.

If you look hard you may see a famous Trafalgar Square pigeon - they are being forced away by authorities who don't like pigeons much - they use hawks to chase them off.


trafalgar square mermaid


The Mall and Admiralty Arch is to the Southwest. To the South is Whitehall where all the government buildings are, to the East St Martin's in the Field, the Strand and South Africa House, to the North Charing Cross Road and on the West side is Canada House. Trafalgar Square is truly a centre for London and the official centre of London is just across the road (towards Whitehall) at the equestrian statue of Charles 1st.

The vast space of the Square is used for multi cultural festival and events. These are organised throughout the summer and usually take place on Saturdays and Sundays. These events are fantastic and you can expect to see stunning costumes and dancers and hear great music too.

Nearest Tube/Rail Station: Charing Cross