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Boadicea (Boudicca)

Burghers of Calais

Chaplin, Charlie

Churchill, Winston

Coade Stone Lion at Westminster Bridge

Disraeli, Benjamin (Earl of Beaconsfield)

Hogarth, William

Landseer Lions

Lloyd George, David

Mandela, Nelson (Parliament Square)

Mandela, Nelson (South Bank)

Nelson, Horatio

Palmerston, Viscount

Pankhurst , Emmeline

Peel, robert

Smith-Stanley, Edward (Earl of Derby)

Smuts, Jan

Wolfe, James



London has a statue or monument on just about every street corner in central London. Here above are a few to start - it will hopefully build into a very comprehensive guide over time.

As usual we concentrate on good photos with a bit of information that you may not find elsewhere.



to be added soon

Nightingale, Florence

Richard Lionheart - coeur de lion

Crimean War Memoria