St Paul's Cathedral

St Paul's Cathedral is an imposing architectural design and adds grace and beauty to London's skyline. Designed by Britain's most famous architect, Sir Christopher Wren, it was built between 1675 and 1710.

On entering St Paul's Cathedral there is a breathtaking view from the Nave. This long central selection of the Cathedral leads to the dome. This space was designed for public and ceremonial use and is used for large services.

st pauls cathedral front view

St Paul's is made of white Portland stone. St Peter's Basilica in Rome inspired its impressive Dome. It rises 108 metre (365 feet) to the cross at its summit, making it a famous London landmark. Despite London's growing skyline St Paul's Dome can be seen from various points across London.

St Paul's is built in the shape of a cross, with the Dome crowning the intersection of the cross. The Dome is one of the largest in the world and weighs approximately 65,000 tons and is supported by eight pillars. The interior of the Dome is superbly decorated with mosaics of prophets and saints which were installed between 1864 and 1888. Court painter, Sir James Thornhill created the murals in the Dome between 1715 and 1719. The paintings depict scenes from the life of St Paul.

Running around the Dome there are three galleries. The most famous is the Whispering Gallery, which runs around the interior. It is 259 steps up from ground level. The acoustics in the Cathedral are such that a whisper made against its walls is audible 100 feet away on the opposite side.

St Pauls Cathedral south View



The Stone Gallery, 378 steps from ground level, is on the exterior of the Dome. This gallery gives a great view of the City and the River Thames. The Golden Gallery, 530 steps from ground level gives the most fantastic views from the highest point of the outer Dome.

Generally the Royal Family use Westminster Abbey for the majority of their important marriages, christenings and funerals but in 1981 St Paul's was used for the marriage of the heir to the throne Prince Charles to Lady Diana Spencer. The Cathedral is open to the public, though there is an admission charge (for 2013 adults £15) for non-worshiping visitors. Photography is not allowed inside the cathedral.

The Courtyard and gardens offers visitors to St Paul's a quiet place to sit and enjoy the beauty of the Cathedral. Beautifully landscaped and designed it is an ideal place to relax after an extensive day of sightseeing. St Paul's Tourist Office is across the road from the Cathedral

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