Leicester Square

Leicester Square is one of the busiest squares in London. Over 22 million people per year cross the Square. It is recovering from a huge renovation preceeding the 2012 Olympics.

Major cinemas are on 3 sides of the Square and at any one time there is a choice of 12 films. At night time Leicester Square comes alive with theatre and cinema goers. Many a famous film star or celebrity is spotted walking on the red carpet entrance to movie premiers. Tom Cruise is well known for his impromptu walkabouts greeting fans who come to see celebrities walk the red carpet.


leicester square william shakespeare statue

If you are feeling more active then there are a number of night clubs where you can dance the night away. There are plenty of bars to enjoy a cool drink in the summer sun or a restaurant for a quick snack or evening meal. Leicester Square has so much for visitors.

On the edge of the Square there is a small kiosk which sells discounted theatre tickets for West End performances. Look out for the chalkboard, which gives the day's best prices.


odeon cenema leicester square


There is also a London Information Centre, which give advice on restaurants, hotels, travel and events. You can also get a map here.

There is an area with seats in the centre of the Square. Here it is possible to relax and take time out from London's busy main roads. There are great views here. All the cinemas and theatres have huge billboards and the faces of the rich and famous can be seen all around the Square.

In the seated area there are several statues. William Shakespeare is positioned in the centre of Leicester Square surrounded by water spurts.

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