Dartford toll tunnel (Dartford Crossing) charges - prices 2012

Dartford Tunnel/ Queen Elizabeth Bridge 2012



0600 - 22.00

off peak

22.00 - 06.00

motorcyle (sidecar or not) or bicycle FREE FREE  
motorcar (inc 3 wheelers and taxis ) £2.00 FREE trailers free
goods vehicle, coaches (no more than 2 axles) £2.50 FREE trailers free
goods vehicle, coaches (more than 2 axles) £5.00 FREE trailers free
there is a max height limit of 5 metres (16.5ft)      

more info : there are 2 tunnels which are used when going anti-clockwise round the M25 - there is an advantage in taking the right hand tunnel for when you come out the other side. For travelling clockwise round the M25 you take the Queen Elizabeth Bridge which is also part of the Dartford River Crossing. If you don't like heights and you are going towards London you might consider the A13 instead. To go South you can then take the Blackwall tunnel which is free.

Prices are the same both ways and both tolls are on the Kent side of the river. Car drivers living in the Dartford and Thurrock council areas can get special discounts.

Bicycle owners - you have to dismount and be transported across - we are not sure how you get there in the first place!

An update for cyclists wanting to cross by Stewart H - The crossing can be approached from the north(travelling south) via junction 31(A1306 West Thurrock). There is a security/services office on the left just past the top of the on ramp and a lift over the bridge can be got from here. Similarly travelling north from the south side, the tunnel approach can be accessed via junction 1a (Crayford/Stone) and a lift arranged from the main offices.

Exemptions from payment Dartfort Crossing:

  • If your vehicle is exempt from paying the Vehicle Excise Tax on the grounds of disability - cross at the manned point (not automatic) and have documentation. You can also register so that your vehicle will be recognised by the number plate recognition system.
  • if the vehicle is an invalid carriage that does not exceed 508 kilograms in unladen weight

You can pay charges in Euros (limited to 50). There are discounts if you buy a Dart Tag card in advance (worth it if you cross regularly)

Conditions and charges can change we cannot guarantee to be up to date at all times - please check the Official Dart-Tag website if you are unsure or need more information.

Dartford toll tunnel QE2 Bridge 2012