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Leicester Square Statues

note: the following statues and 3 other busts were removed during renovation work at Leicester Square and are being examined to see if they are considerd fit to be returned - this is a complete disgrace. Although the statues are worn they are part of history - why does it all have to be new and shiny to be worth anything ? Idiots run things instead of artists - crass mistake. Hogarth especially had close association with Leicester Square - put him back. The statue of Shakespeare has been cleaned up and still tells us "there is no darkness but ignorance".

The following texts are how it was, and hopefully they will be returned soon.

Leicester Square contained both statues (Chaplin and Shakespeare) and busts of artists (Hogarth and Joshua Reynolds), Issac Newton, John Hunter.

Charlie Chaplin - John Doubleday (1981)

charlie chaplin statue leicester square london face


The sculpture of Charlie is oft criticised but we like it. Balletic body with serious, sad face grown out of extreme early poverty in London. The sculpture is at ground level among the people - where he belongs.

This statue is now situated near Leicester Place we believe.




Bust of Hogarth - J. Denham 1874 (approx)


William Hogarth Leicester Square London

Hogarth lived on the square. He was the best illustrator of the horrors invoved in human moral malpractices we have seen. Best known for the Rake's Progress illustrations: also pointed out that cruelty to animals (being awful in itself) leads naturally to cruelty to humans as well.

(This bust has been 'taken in to care' by Westminster Council who say it may be put in a library somewhere, sometime.


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