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Westminster Bridge Statues

There are two notable statues at either side of of Westminster Bridge, Boadicea on the parliament side near Westminster pier and the Coade Stone lion on the South Bank (London Eye side) of the river.

Boadicea (Boudicca) - By Thomas Thornycroft (bronze - cast 1902)

Boadicea (Boudicca) statue westminster pier London

Boadicea was the female leader of the bloody revolt by Iceni Britons against Roman rule in Eastern England in AD60.

A great victory was won at Colchester (Camulodunum), then the capital of Roman Britain, then at London - but she was later defeated by a highly disciplined Roman army. She died by taking poison after the defeat. The place of the final battle and her death are unknown...

South Bank Lion (Coade Stone Lion) - by Waddington 1837

Coate Stone Lion South Bank London

One of 3 lions modeled in Coade stone which is a ceramic material, like stoneware, fired slowly in a kiln over several days. Our lion is the smallest of the three.

The 3 lions were red and stood to mark the Red Lion Brewery (demolished and now the Royal Festival Hall): during the Festival of Britain 1951 our lion was moved to Waterloo Station, then roamed again to its present position in 1966 (and the red paint removed).

Nearest Tube: Westminster (exit 1), or Waterloo (for the South Bank) depending which end of Westminster Bridge you wish to start.