London Olympics 2012

The Olympic and Paralympic Games are being hosted in London in 2012.

The Olympic village site is near finished and, apparently on time - which is unusual for England. Elsewhere in London various monuments are getting makeovers so we can give a good impression - in 2011 many places are untouchable because they are surounded with barriers or scaffolding.

london 2012 olympics  countdown clock trafalgar square


The countdown clock is situated in Trafagar Square which hosted a big screen for the previous Olympics in Beijing 2008. Now we are hosting our own.

There is an obsession with how many days, hours and minutes (yes, and seconds) to the start which gets some people quite excited. Perhaps this will be even more exciting as we get to within 100 days and less ?

The Olympic village is near Stratford - everything is being renamed so it is difficult to give directions - the Olympic village is situated in the new Olympic Park if that helps.

*3rd October 2011 - latest news* - the olympic athletics track has now been completed - the stadium must surely follow.


Best to take public transport if you want to get anywhere and do ask a policeman (but possilbly not if they are carrying a machine gun).