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Parliament Square Statues

Click on the names on the map to see the statues - they are roughly in the right place here.

map of statues in parliament square london by nelson mandela robert peel statue disraeli statue earl of derby palmeston state parliament square jan smuts statue parliament square lloyd george statue parliament square churchill statue parliament square london george canning statue parliament square abraham lincoln statue parliament square london

Parliament square designed by Charles Barry and started in 1868, is a square island surrounded by moving traffic. the only safe place to cross to and from it is near to Westminster Abbey, to the South of the square. The crossing point is shown above.

The dignitaries represented by statues here have all made a substantial contribution to British politics (especially being Prime Ministers) or British interests abroad, except for Nelson Mandela who served world interests.

You can click on the links below(as well as on the map). The statues clockwise from the crossing point are:

outside the inner main square across the road on the western edges are: